I don’t often pass on E-mails and NEVER to as many as I am here. Being still and only forwarding then to those whom I know will receive and leaving some of you out causes me to be part of the empathetic problem. I know I am part of a Kingdom that has a higher focus but we all are effected by the decisions made in Washington.

You can check it out here for yourself.


We the People

This is a must watch video.

Seeking to know TRUTH

A dear friend of mine gave me a book…. by a Bob George. Never heard of him before. The book is Faith that pleases God. There was a statement I read and  was hit with a thought concerning truth. You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
Truth, the way we perceive it to be, is relative to the knowledge we have from the tree of good and evil.  Reason, if you will. If I have experienced it, know someone who has experienced it, science proves it, I have studied and proven it for myself or I can except it as such then ‘it’ must be true. Do you get my drift here?
The Bible  simply Says; Jesus is TRUTH.
We are looking for truth in all the wrong places. We confuse truth with gained knowledge.  The more we KNOW Him the more we understand TRUTH. HE is truth.
That is so simple isn’t it. Why do we make it so hard. Or maybe it isn’t me that makes it hard but the enemy of my soul putting up another roadblock.