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Wee Tiny Sock Swap

What fun I had in knitting a Wee Tiny Sock for the 2008 Sock Swap. Now it is being sent across the country to my sock pal. Being very new at all this is challenging for me and so much fun. I also has a chance to make a card to go with it. I enjoy making cards more personal so I was able to incorporate two things I enjoy.



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Our Mascot

We were enjoying the gifts Abigail had given us (Faith, Chosen, and myself, Judah) a week ago at her dinner party. While we were admiring them, Faith came up with a name for our knitting group.’The Black Sheep Knitters’. We unanimously crowned Chosen as the keeper of the mascot and we will work hard to live up to our name


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When our friend Abigail began planning a dinner party you could hear the excitement in her voice sharing about the invitations she e mailed, the menu she was planning as well as hints about surprises she had up her sleeve. Beginning with gifts she gave us. Faith recieved handmade stitch markers, Chosen our new mascot, something she had been wanting. No, not the mascot but the gift it was. (more on that in another post) and I, Judah, a keychain sock blocker sock with #1 dbn’s by Knit Picks. Her adorable son was involved in the process. It is such delight watching the interaction as the respect and affection they openly displayed.  She induldged us with her family recipe of Chicken Catchatori.


We probably would have gone back for seconds, even thirds but we were overwhelmingly tempted to save room for the dessert RB made especially for us.

Individual cherry cheese cake

We left full. Full of the meal we knew was made with lots of thoughts and affection. Full of unexpressable emotions as I sat around drinking in the evening. Full of the blessing of friendship. There is a special knitting (excuse the pun you knitters) of our hearts and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Than Abigale began to play a numbers game with us. Pull the number out of the bag. She and RB would do the ‘shopping’ for us according to the numbers we drew. Can you imagine the shock when they dropped bags and bags of fiber… sock yarn, dishcloth cotton, on our lap. All types and colors. She was sharing her stash and we were the recipeints of her generousity. Now I really am in a delema, what to knit and where to start. I think I have an idea although it may sound a bit obsessive, but I think it will work. My only delema is which magazines do I remove from the bathroom. Then I can replace them with a couple balls of yarn and assorted dpn. Gotta go and knit a keychain.

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My First Practice Pieces

I had always been what I called a lazy knitter because it was easier for me to do straight pieces such as blankets and washcloths until I met the socklady.  She challenged me to got out of the boat and walk the water. These are my first samples.  Stay tuned to see how I have grown.


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Hole in the Wall

Some of you know our sons farm down in Belle Glade, Florida where you will find their product of sweet corn and beans in your local grocery store under the Branch Brand label. Well one of the field entrances is called ‘Hole in the Wall’ and guarded by  the ‘Ol’ Man’. We don’t always get a chance to see him so we keep a camera handy for the times he does show himself. He’s fat but not as long as one would think.  Just don’t get too close andDO NOT feed him, he will find his own food.

 OL MAN      

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Week Ends!

The Everglades 

The week ends just go so fast. Like and ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Most of them I spend at catching up time. It’s like trying to catch up on sleep. Just can’t be done. Saturday I played hookie though. My husband was going down to Belle Glade and do some work for our sons so I tagged along. I knew eventually we would put that airboat in and head south for the Everglades. Well, before dark we put in south of the alley and headed farther south. The evening was wonderful. Stars were plentiful and the air was cool but not cold out there on the water. I went to enjoy the night scenery, he goes to gig frogs. Not many frogs but we did chase up a few birds and saw a few gators. The silence, serenity and the sounds of the night in the grasslands is awesome. One can’t help but wonder at the WONDER of our Creator when we take the time to let Him speak to us through all the diverse mediums He has at his fingertips. Can’t wait for our next ride.


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