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I don’t often pass on E-mails and NEVER to as many as I am here. Being still and only forwarding then to those whom I know will receive and leaving some of you out causes me to be part of the empathetic problem. I know I am part of a Kingdom that has a higher focus but we all are effected by the decisions made in Washington.

You can check it out here for yourself.



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We the People

This is a must watch video.

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It’s been a long time since I blogged. No excuse. Life I guess. There’s been some things on my heart lately I’d like to share. Especially when I see what’s going on in our country. I’ve been trying to grasp the full spectrum from what they call healthcare, the economy, bail outs, to missing people, violence, agriculture, oil, family problems from my small place on the mountain. It’s enough to give me a headache, yet there is something stirring within me wanting to know TRUTH. Now I ask you, who do you trust? Our elected officials who promised us a better life, less financial pressures, economy growth, lower taxes or at least maintaining. I do think somewhere there is an answere and I want to search for it. As I do I hope to write my little findings here.  Therefore I expect to fumble along,. make mistakes, add friends, and may a few who will shake their heads and wonder where I come from. Maybe even turn friends away. So I will ask for mercy up front and hope you will forgive my working through some touchy issues, should they . Than I just may remain silent as I have been. In any event you, any reader out there in blog land, has the opportunity to comment. Until then I remain concerned yet hopeful

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Sarah’s Shadow Box

Sarah's Shadow Box

Sarah's Shadow Box

The Aunt’s also known as the Ya’Ya’s went around the tables of Sarah and Ryan’s Reception and “borrowed” stuff to put in this box as a rememberance. It’s fun, if you can get past the gawking eyes as they watch us with a bag hollering ‘do we have one of these?’ Oh! Another one won’t hurt. Since they were married in January I figured it was time to get this together and present it to them before their 50 th. A real testemony of praying over our youth. ‘God’s best and no less.’……………………………………………Judah!

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I have always know it was great to have birthdays. Even as I mature (I am not getting older, I am living long) and find myself at the year where I can sign up for Social Security! Birthdays are special. Maybe because I have two special, no make that three special birthday gifts given to me at age 6, age 7 and age 26 I am still enjoying. That would be my two brothers and a niece. My attitude about this day is my belief that all heaven is in great celebration over us on our birthday because that was the day God sought fit to birth us into this world for His plans and purposes. There is never a mistake about our birth. The paths and journey along the way may be in question. He is still big enough to get us back on the right path.

Speaking of paths. My path intersected with the path of Abigail (aka 1870 Pearl) in the fall of last year. We became fast friends through our love for Jesus and of coarse knitting. She has turned me into a sock knitter.  Imagine that! Abigail surprised me with the cutest Knitting Emergency Bag that I can stash supplies in, keep in my car or always ready to take with incase there is time to get a few stitches or rows done while waiting. It reminds me of my knitting buddies in Vero Beach who knit at red lights.

Emergency Knitting Kit
Emergency Knitting Kit


Last night couldn’t have been a better birthday night since it was knit nite with other knitting buddies. More surprises. Faith brought me a singing card she actually sang to me. That was so sweet.  Also a hefty start towards my swifter and ball winder. Knit Picks here I come. I am so proud of her working a sock with small needles. Gussets too! You go gal!

 Charly made me a toe ring. What a gal. She is our creative re-cycle queen. Since she can only use natural fibers she finds many of them in sweaters at the local ‘previous loved’ stores.  She takes them apart and makes wonderful socks, sweaters and tops. If they don’t come apart easily she’ll felt them and make something out of them that way. Charly is very creative and we look forward to seeing or hearing about her new projects.

What a wonderful day to spend with people I care about, either by phone, e-mail or personally. Come to think of it every day is like that, isn’t it?  We don’t always see it as a celebration of our lives. When we are on the mountain top or trying to hide in a cave in the valley we can always find something to celebrate the life God has given us. Look around and celebrate too…………. Judah

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KIP = Knit In Public

Chosen and I, Judah, had such a wonderful time Saturday with 7 others ladies representing different knitting groups as we gathered around the FOOD COURT in the mall. Can you think of a better place to Knit In Public? The smells of  the different foods were enticing but the fresh brewed coffee got us in the end. Here we are presenting our smiles and projects in the Public Knitting Event.


Actually it was so enjoyable we’re thinking of revisiting it one Saturday a month. It’s such a joy meeting other fiber fanatics to see what they are doing, learning and sharing. I know I learned a lot. Another way to cast onto DPN,s, a very nice edge when working with edges that would normally roll, how beautiful silk looks when knitted into a shell, a tried and true dish cloth pattern, that people really do knit at red lights and the list goes on and on.


Because we were anxious, Chosen and I arrived at the mall a bit early, so we browsed the local book store. (Besides fiber in my blood there is this addiction to books). I found a book that grabbed me first  by the title “Jesus For President” then by the way it was illustrated. It was a though I found a treasure of photos, clippings, news articles, general notes all hand posted, pasted and edited among my grandmothers stash. I just had to bring it home.

I’m really glad I did. Not only is it a fun read, it’s introducing me to events and politics that surrounded Jesus birth, young years and ministry life. Not unlike what we are living in today. I can hardly put it down. Well, maybe for some knitting.

My husband thinks I am becoming obsessed. Imagine that. It seems, he thinks, I am always eyeing my knit project while on my way to the laundry room to put in another load of laundry, or to the kitchen to clean up after the last supper  meal. Well, maybe I am. Only because I am thinking of the projects I have scheduled before I can get to the mittens he has requested. I presented him a pair of socks knit from Plymouth Yarn’s camaflage ‘Happy Feet’.  He was so pleased with them he put in his next order. Something give me the idea this south Florida Cracker has some cold weather plans during hunting season. I may not be a rocket scientist but I think I figured that one out.

Happy knitting friends and if you get a chance, check out the JESUS FOR PRESIDENT site.

Judah, signing off for now.

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Consider Your Plate

Can you believe it’s the end of May. School is almost out, schedules are being looked at and I need to get new wheels on my skates time is going so fast. I have been becoming aware of the busy ness of myself and those around me. Seems as though ‘life’ has taken over without much planning or input from us.Our loved ones, friends, co-workers, general public seem to have a way of adding things to our plates or taking some of our plate for themselves. Do they do it to us, or do we let them because we get caught off guard and before we know it we have been sucked in again to someone elses plans. Thinking ‘now how did that happen again. Well, I am going to ‘TRY’ to slow down enough to recognize the situation where I can at least have time to comment ‘let me consider this’ before I commit and then I am going to do some serious praying as to what the Lord would have me do and should He want me to be involved in the whatever. Life is short and from my place on the mountain, it could be shorter than I think. I don’t mind ‘knitting the knots out’. I just prefer them be the knots of my own doing.
Just some food for thought. Black Sheep

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