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KIP = Knit In Public

Chosen and I, Judah, had such a wonderful time Saturday with 7 others ladies representing different knitting groups as we gathered around the FOOD COURT in the mall. Can you think of a better place to Knit In Public? The smells of  the different foods were enticing but the fresh brewed coffee got us in the end. Here we are presenting our smiles and projects in the Public Knitting Event.


Actually it was so enjoyable we’re thinking of revisiting it one Saturday a month. It’s such a joy meeting other fiber fanatics to see what they are doing, learning and sharing. I know I learned a lot. Another way to cast onto DPN,s, a very nice edge when working with edges that would normally roll, how beautiful silk looks when knitted into a shell, a tried and true dish cloth pattern, that people really do knit at red lights and the list goes on and on.


Because we were anxious, Chosen and I arrived at the mall a bit early, so we browsed the local book store. (Besides fiber in my blood there is this addiction to books). I found a book that grabbed me first  by the title “Jesus For President” then by the way it was illustrated. It was a though I found a treasure of photos, clippings, news articles, general notes all hand posted, pasted and edited among my grandmothers stash. I just had to bring it home.

I’m really glad I did. Not only is it a fun read, it’s introducing me to events and politics that surrounded Jesus birth, young years and ministry life. Not unlike what we are living in today. I can hardly put it down. Well, maybe for some knitting.

My husband thinks I am becoming obsessed. Imagine that. It seems, he thinks, I am always eyeing my knit project while on my way to the laundry room to put in another load of laundry, or to the kitchen to clean up after the last supper  meal. Well, maybe I am. Only because I am thinking of the projects I have scheduled before I can get to the mittens he has requested. I presented him a pair of socks knit from Plymouth Yarn’s camaflage ‘Happy Feet’.  He was so pleased with them he put in his next order. Something give me the idea this south Florida Cracker has some cold weather plans during hunting season. I may not be a rocket scientist but I think I figured that one out.

Happy knitting friends and if you get a chance, check out the JESUS FOR PRESIDENT site.

Judah, signing off for now.


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