KIP = Knit In Public

Chosen and I, Judah, had such a wonderful time Saturday with 7 others ladies representing different knitting groups as we gathered around the FOOD COURT in the mall. Can you think of a better place to Knit In Public? The smells of  the different foods were enticing but the fresh brewed coffee got us in the end. Here we are presenting our smiles and projects in the Public Knitting Event.


Actually it was so enjoyable we’re thinking of revisiting it one Saturday a month. It’s such a joy meeting other fiber fanatics to see what they are doing, learning and sharing. I know I learned a lot. Another way to cast onto DPN,s, a very nice edge when working with edges that would normally roll, how beautiful silk looks when knitted into a shell, a tried and true dish cloth pattern, that people really do knit at red lights and the list goes on and on.


Because we were anxious, Chosen and I arrived at the mall a bit early, so we browsed the local book store. (Besides fiber in my blood there is this addiction to books). I found a book that grabbed me first  by the title “Jesus For President” then by the way it was illustrated. It was a though I found a treasure of photos, clippings, news articles, general notes all hand posted, pasted and edited among my grandmothers stash. I just had to bring it home.

I’m really glad I did. Not only is it a fun read, it’s introducing me to events and politics that surrounded Jesus birth, young years and ministry life. Not unlike what we are living in today. I can hardly put it down. Well, maybe for some knitting.

My husband thinks I am becoming obsessed. Imagine that. It seems, he thinks, I am always eyeing my knit project while on my way to the laundry room to put in another load of laundry, or to the kitchen to clean up after the last supper  meal. Well, maybe I am. Only because I am thinking of the projects I have scheduled before I can get to the mittens he has requested. I presented him a pair of socks knit from Plymouth Yarn’s camaflage ‘Happy Feet’.  He was so pleased with them he put in his next order. Something give me the idea this south Florida Cracker has some cold weather plans during hunting season. I may not be a rocket scientist but I think I figured that one out.

Happy knitting friends and if you get a chance, check out the JESUS FOR PRESIDENT site.

Judah, signing off for now.


Consider Your Plate

Can you believe it’s the end of May. School is almost out, schedules are being looked at and I need to get new wheels on my skates time is going so fast. I have been becoming aware of the busy ness of myself and those around me. Seems as though ‘life’ has taken over without much planning or input from us.Our loved ones, friends, co-workers, general public seem to have a way of adding things to our plates or taking some of our plate for themselves. Do they do it to us, or do we let them because we get caught off guard and before we know it we have been sucked in again to someone elses plans. Thinking ‘now how did that happen again. Well, I am going to ‘TRY’ to slow down enough to recognize the situation where I can at least have time to comment ‘let me consider this’ before I commit and then I am going to do some serious praying as to what the Lord would have me do and should He want me to be involved in the whatever. Life is short and from my place on the mountain, it could be shorter than I think. I don’t mind ‘knitting the knots out’. I just prefer them be the knots of my own doing.
Just some food for thought. Black Sheep


I enjoy sitting on the swing on our porch watching the critters in the back.  Mostly the assortment of birds, a pair of rabbits, a racoon and a crazy squirrel. As I watched him swing on feeders, jump from limb to limb and play on the playground that God gave him for his pleasure. Not a care in the world. I grabbed my camera, wondering if I went out the screen door would I chase him away. I decided to give it a try.

Victory! As I crept closer it was apparent he could care less about the intruder. He actually seemed to pose for me. This caused me to do some reflection on the importance on what is on ‘my plate’. Is there a playground around me to enjoy. I do think so!  Like knit night for fellowship, building relationship, encouragement on a project I am working on and wonderful teaching and tips to help me improve my skills. I am really grateful for the things God has given me for my pleasure. Like the critters in our back, knit night, friends, family, challenges that remind me I have a friend in Jesus that stregnthens me, gives me wisdom and a playground to keep the child in me alive.

This is a landmark year for me. I have actually graduated to the level of applying for Social Security. This puts a great smile on my face. #1- I just don’t feel this ‘mature’. ( I’m living long, not growing old). #2 – Social Security not government issued. It’s my relationship with my Lord, my family and my friends. These are the foundations I can stand on and when I relax to smell the coffee (Starbucks or Seattle’s Best) and enjoy the playground around me. I sure hope you are enjoying yours………. Judah!

A New Beginning

If you are reading this blog for the first time, welcome! (This is also my first time posting.) If you are a return reader, welcome! I hope you enjoy the snippets of life from southeast Florida that my friend, Judah, and I share with you.

Just as Judah has left the boat of relative safety to begin this blog, so I, too, am embarking upon the unknown waters of blog land. It is good to have love and encouragement in all seasons of life and Judah and I are both blessed to have friends and family who give us support to step out and grow. We are two women from different backgrounds with one (not so) Common Denomonator, our LORD, Jesus Christ. Without His love and power, we would not be who we are today. On that note, I want to share with you my first “blog joy.”

A few weekends ago my family gathered from various cities to celebrate a grandchild’s birthday. It was a busy, noisy, time of food, games, gift opening, and fellowship. There is nothing I can think of that is more precious than the celebration of life regardless of age. The age of this particular celebrant was now a whopping three years! Proud parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, bothers and sisters with cousins in tow, renewed acquaintances and rejoiced with the young lady who now had enough life experience to really enjoy her day.

As the afternoon progressed and conversation became more focused, (and easier to hear) the oldest of my grandsons, age seven, his younger brother, mother, and I were sitting together admiring the prizes the two had acquired. As we chatted, my daughter, mother of the two, told me the older grandson had something to tell me. Because I was sitting on the floor, (Grandmas play too) I looked up at him and asked him to share. Very quietly, he looked at me with serious blue eyes and earnestly said, “Last night I asked Jesus into my heart.”

I paused to take in the depth with which he spoke and the magnitude of what he had experienced. In the midst of life’s meaningful celebrations the things which have greatest significance can take place with little fanfare. I was both humbled and grateful that God is working in the lives of those I hold dear regardless of time and place. We had a celebration within a celebration! I reached out and hugged that precious child of God with a quiet, indescribable joy. He graciously recieved my hug as he responded to my congratulations. Oh, it was a glorious afternoon!

As I ponder the events of that day, I am gaining understanding as to how God has planned for our good from the beginning of time. As we celebrated that day in the physical, we were also given reason to celebrate in the spiritual. 1 Corinthians 15:42-58 speaks of our bodies being sown in the naturalness (corruption) of this world. Then it goes on to distinguish the difference between the natural and the spiritual. ” And so it is written, ‘the first man, Adam, became a living being, The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.”

A light has gone on in my head; the physical must come first in order for the spiritual to live. We need not disdain who we are today; God Doesn’t! While the physical we dwell in may not yet be perfect, we can rejoice that God has made us who we are, right now, today – and at the same time have the assurance that He has made the same provision for us to continue becoming who He made us to be, both in the physical and in the spiritual.

God gave me a first-hand look at how it all works within the limited borders of my immediate family. May He do the same and more for you.


I have had such a week. Fighting a GERM. It’s hard to believe something so small can cause someone so big to feel so ______. ( You can fill in the blank). The knitting mojo messed up my heal flaps and than trying a new technique of short rowing added to the distress. Frog, frog, frog. In my throat and on my lap. It ALMOST came to the… ‘I will never knit another pair of socks again.’ ALMOST!

Well, my mamma didn’t raise a quitter. So I alternated between the projects. Then in the midst of the, ‘whoa is me,’ came this thick envelop in the mail from some unknown to me address. When I opened it I was so pleasantly pleased the mojo, and germs had to flee.  My WTSSB not only took the time to knit me this delightfully cheery sock, Cidermoon –Go Go. She presented it on the keychain sock blocker. Now how blessed can one gal be? I really appreciate my new mini sock pal.

Wee Tiny Sock Swap

What fun I had in knitting a Wee Tiny Sock for the 2008 Sock Swap. Now it is being sent across the country to my sock pal. Being very new at all this is challenging for me and so much fun. I also has a chance to make a card to go with it. I enjoy making cards more personal so I was able to incorporate two things I enjoy.


Our Mascot

We were enjoying the gifts Abigail had given us (Faith, Chosen, and myself, Judah) a week ago at her dinner party. While we were admiring them, Faith came up with a name for our knitting group.’The Black Sheep Knitters’. We unanimously crowned Chosen as the keeper of the mascot and we will work hard to live up to our name