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After listening to a certain program I believe it has become imperative for us who desire to be responsible and accountable for ourselves and our families to take a good look at our lifestyles, diets and belief systems ensuring the health of our unborn children, children, family members and elderly in the areas we have been given to influence. It seems the life of an American may be re-evaluated or re-defined by unbelieving heathens and not God-fearing saints as to who lives and who doesn’t from the womb to the grave depending of their health needs. Whether they are physically or mentally handicapped from birth, through injury or lifestyles. The contamination against health is already ingested in the processed foods we eat, the pollutants in the water we drink. There is nothing stopping ‘them’ from putting ‘stuff’ in our water systems as well as continue to encourage us to be addicted to food and drink that cause us to be obese and destroy our health.

  I lived in an area where mosquito control would fly over in planes and drop chemicals ‘safe’ for humans during the height of the season. After a few seasons of this I recognize my clients complaining of the same symptoms for which they sought Dr. care. Is it a possibility this could happen anywhere for crowd control. Could our air supply be more contaminated that it is?

 The ‘Green movement’ has placed everything God has give US for our pleasure above humanity. Man has been placed below the needs of animals and the environment.

 Once we step away from the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, step into the purposes of God in our lives all these things would be back into balance. We would care for ourselves, our families, our areas of influence, our land, and our world.

 You may think I am talking about a conspiracy against us. I am! Satan has a conspiracy to destroy our health, our families, our witness. BUT God, has a conspiracy for LIFE and life abundantly. We need to get back to HIS plan. 

 It’s not the healthcare they are cramming down our throats we need. It’s the knowledge we need  and the ability to understand it’s our place to take care of our health so we don’t get to the place of debilitating diseases spending our rich older age trying to stay alive through drugs, chemical treatments and not running the end of their race the way they were intended to. 



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