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My Wee Tiny Sock Swap Buddy

I have had such a week. Fighting a GERM. It’s hard to believe something so small can cause someone so big to feel so ______. ( You can fill in the blank). The knitting mojo messed up my heal flaps and than trying a new technique of short rowing added to the distress. Frog, frog, frog. In my throat and on my lap. It ALMOST came to the… ‘I will never knit another pair of socks again.’ ALMOST!

Well, my mamma didn’t raise a quitter. So I alternated between the projects. Then in the midst of the, ‘whoa is me,’ came this thick envelop in the mail from some unknown to me address. When I opened it I was so pleasantly pleased the mojo, and germs had to flee.  My WTSSB not only took the time to knit me this delightfully cheery sock, Cidermoon –Go Go. She presented it on the keychain sock blocker. Now how blessed can one gal be? I really appreciate my new mini sock pal.


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Wee Tiny Sock Swap

What fun I had in knitting a Wee Tiny Sock for the 2008 Sock Swap. Now it is being sent across the country to my sock pal. Being very new at all this is challenging for me and so much fun. I also has a chance to make a card to go with it. I enjoy making cards more personal so I was able to incorporate two things I enjoy.


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Our Mascot

We were enjoying the gifts Abigail had given us (Faith, Chosen, and myself, Judah) a week ago at her dinner party. While we were admiring them, Faith came up with a name for our knitting group.’The Black Sheep Knitters’. We unanimously crowned Chosen as the keeper of the mascot and we will work hard to live up to our name


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My First Practice Pieces

I had always been what I called a lazy knitter because it was easier for me to do straight pieces such as blankets and washcloths until I met the socklady.  She challenged me to got out of the boat and walk the water. These are my first samples.  Stay tuned to see how I have grown.


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When I am not spending time doing the ‘normal’ daily activities I like to read, knit( like these booties for our granddaughter), bird watching, orchids, take photos of life around me and especially spend time with our family and friends. Life is good. I am living long and not getting old. I don’t care what ‘they’ say, life is very good. My husband supports me in all my endeavors…. and I in his. He is a wonderful southern boy who would rather gig frogs, ride his airboat, and spend his leasure time fixing things for our sons. He is a great husband, father and grandfather. Grandbaby #9 is due anytime now. Did I say life was good? It is when you enjoy what you have. All those ‘Have Nots’ waste too much energy I can use doing my thing

Pink Mary Jane baby booties with pink heart buttons.

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